Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Things can only get better......

4 Velvet Scoter and 58 Arctic Terns passed Whitburn this morning on a very quiet sea watch
Not much to write home about with little or no wind to encourage birds to move. I did an evening watch yesterday and had 5 Arctic Skuas past so they are out there, lets hope for better next time

Wednesday 25th July 04.50-07.00 SI dead calm sea rain from 06.30

Common Tern 17n 41s
Curlew 3s
Black h Gull 33n 19s
Arctic Tern 56n 2s
Manx Shearwater 18n 12s
Redshank 23s
Common Scoter 28n 8s
Whimbrel 1n
Puffin 5n 5s
Dunlin 3s
Sandwich Tern 6n 52s
Red th Diver 1n
Velvet Scoter 4n drakes
Teal 1s