Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Come on Sooty, Sooty come on........

204 Manx Shearwaters,2 Little Gulls, 37 Arctic Terns and an Arctic Skua passed Whitburn by 7am
It was a calm flat sea and Shearwaters were easy to see but still no sign of my first Sooty Shearwater of the year, surely it cant be long now, come on Sooty. Here are today's birds in order of appearance

Wednesday 17th July 04.35-07.00 NW1-2 broken cloud flat calm sea

Cormorant 8n 24s
Arctic Tern 24n 13s
Common Scoter 130n 20s
Manx Shearwater 166n 38s
Black h Gull 19n 13s
Common Tern 26n 15s
Puffin 39n 3s
Porpoise 1
Sandwich Tern 4n 18s
Red th Diver 2s
Little Gull 2s ad and 2nd sum
05.50 2 Dolphin distantly
Common Scoter 130n 20s
Teal 10n
Arctic Skua 1n

Maybe tomorrow, come on Sooty, Sooty come on...................(sing to hang on sloopy)