Thursday, 26 May 2016

Rush hour blues........

Arctic Skua and 48 Manx Shearwaters passed Whitburn Obs by 07.30 this morning. It was a murky morning as i made my way down the path to the obs this morning, i saw a flycatcher sp sitting low down on a bare branch but couldn't get my bins on it before it flicked into cover, with my walking stick in my left hand and my brolly in my right hand....
It was bins only in the obs with mist and rain making my scope obsolete, i had a steady flow of Gannets and Fulmar then at 06.30 ish it cleared but sadly only myself and Mickie the mouse were in and i haven't trained him to click Gannets yet so it was a bit hectic
The rush hour started with a mess of Manxies (9) and it was non stop for the next hour before the mist rolled in and i headed for work
This is what i saw in order of appearance

Thursday 26th May 04.55-07.35 N2-3 full cloud cover, rain, mist

Gannet 551n 13s
Fulmar 176n
Manxie 48n
Sandwich Tern 1n 9s
Puffin 23n
Arctic Skua 1s
Common Gull 2n
Arctic Tern 6n
Common Tern 2n
Red th Diver 1n
Turnstone 2n