Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Dawn with the Dolphins...........

12 Bottlenose Dolphins were feeding offshore early morning a nice way to start the day.They went south fairly close inshore,  then they headed further out before moving north again by the end of my watch at 10 past 7. I managed to get some video which i will post later.  A Hooded Crow flew south over my head towards the rifle range with one Carrion as i walked back to the car. I had a quick scan of the range but no crows were about
This is what i saw in order of appearance

Tuesday 3rd May 05.10-07.10 W1-2 bright sun

Sandwich Tern 3n 175s
Common Gull 4n 36s
Whitethroat 1 singing by obs
Common Scoter 6n
Shelduck 4n
05.25 12 Bottlenose Dolphins south then north again at 07.10
Turnstone 2n
Arctic Tern 16n 10s
Common Tern 3n 16s
Whimbrel 11n
Curlew 3n
Gannet 1n 5s
Red th Diver 1n 2s
Sand Martin 6s
Black h Gull 4s
Canada Goose 2s
Hooded Crow 1s over Shearwater 07.15