Monday, 22 June 2015

Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour..............

Black throated Diver and a Little Gull passed Whitburn Obs by 7 o'clock this morning. However the stars of the show were the White beaked Dolphins who answered my plea from a couple of days ago and returned to put on a spectacular show. Yes it was a magical mystery tour today. At Whitburn your never sure, it can be exhilarating or just plain dull .It wasn't dull today, I first saw them just after 6 it was hard to judge how many were moving through but i would say at least 12 and probably more. My first sighting involved 7 adults and then later and more distant 3 adults and 2 youngsters, these did a lot of breaching,  i got a bit video but they were distant, if its any good i will put it on my youtube channel later. Lets hope they become a regular feature as in recent years
This is what i saw in order of appearance

Monday 22nd June 05.00-07.00 W1-2 cloud cover and calm sea

Sandwich Tern 3n 180s
Puffin 35n
Common Tern 3n 2s
Common Scoter11n 3s
LBBGull 1n
Arctic Tern 1n 5s
Black h Gull 2n
Siskin 1n
Little Gull 1s 1st sum type
Whimbrel 1s
Kestrel 1n
Black th Diver 1n 06.00 almost sum plum
06.05 White beaked Dolphin 7n till 06.15
06.20 circa 5 north two of them small juvs breaching, they headed off north and i lost them by 06.40