Sunday, 7 June 2015

Pleased to meet you.......

Common Rosefinch and Common Buzzard were the pick of the birds at Whitburn Obs this morning. Magic Mark joined me and Pink Floyd at the death
Mark always says you have to do at least four hours for it to be a proper sea watch, anything less is just a glance. So despite it being a quiet sea watch in a strong westerly with bright sun we stuck it out in case something good happened. And as usual the Obs didn't disappoint, i had just completed the log when we heard the call 'pleased to meet you' Mark was quick to call it as a Rosefinch and we peeped out of the doors to see and photograph the bird so not to flush it.         
Pink Floyd had just called in for a chat and jammed on the bird as well. It showed well but briefly before flying of into the rape field
I was nearly back at my car when i got a call from Sir Ian about a Buzzard flying from Jackies beach so i dashed back to get it on my obs list...phew
This is what we saw in order of appearance

Sunday 7th June 05.00-09.15 W3-4 bright sun

Sandwich Tern 37n 73s
Common Tern 6n 18s
Gannet 72n 12s
Common Gull 5s
Puffin 4n 3s
Common Scoter 8n
Eider 1s
Black h Gull 14s
Arctic Tern 6s
Canada Goose 14s
Greylag Goose 1s
Swift 7s
Red breasted Merganser 1n
Manxie 6n
Goosander 4n 1s
Red th Diver 1n
Curlew 1s
Goose sp hybrid 1s
09.10 Common Rosefinch 1 singing by the obs