Saturday, 20 June 2015

bring on the white beaked please...

2 Velvet Scoter and an Arctic Skua passed Whitburn Obs by 10 o'clock this morning. Magic Mark joined me and later Pink Floyd. It was a nice calm sea and we were disappointed that a few Porpoise were the only Cetations.White beaked Dolphins are back in our waters but have yet to show for the Obs
This is what we saw in order of appearance

Saturday 20th June 05.40-10.10 S1-2 cloud cover and some drizzle

Sandwich Tern 374n 52s
Puffin 383n 45s
Manxie 90n
Common Tern 18n 38s
Black h Gull 1n 5s
Common Scoter 122n 1s
Red th Diver 3n
Great crested Grebe 2n
Porpoise 2n 1s
Curlew 9n
Velvet Scoter 2n
Common Gull 3n 1s
Arctic Tern 6n
Shag 1 on sea
Goosander 2n
Arctic Skua 1n
Mallard 2n 1s