Thursday, 6 June 2013

We're Back- return of Canada Goose passage

Thursday 6th June     E1-2, cloud cover, flat calm sea with moderate swell

Wonderful sunrise and perfect sea for sea watching what more could a man want
the first 90 minutes was manic with birds passing at all different distances making recording difficult and the birds hard to keep up with, great fun but what do you miss?, by 6am it had settled down to a trickle


Guillemot 220n
Razorbill 190n
Puffin 125n 24s
Common Scoter 82n 1s
Gannet 135n 8s
Sandwich Tern 7n 12s
Common Tern 7n 3s
Manx Shearwater 15n 1s
Arctic Skua 1n
Shag 1n
Bonxie 1n
Eider 2 on sea
Red th Diver 6n
Canada Goose 41n - yes they came past close in with a deafening honk, the passage continues
Arctic Tern 1s
Great n Diver 1n (6.30 ad sum plum)

Late news from yesterday, I went back to the Obs to try for Long tailed Skua following the passage past Flamborough but sadly didn't connect, one passed St Mary's Island but i had gone back to work

Gannet 1n 12s
Sandwich Tern 13n 2s
Common Tern 12n 2s
Bonxie 2n
Manxie 8n
Puffin 3n 1s
Common Scoter 9n 3s