Thursday, 13 June 2013


It's normally this time of year we see Dolphins off Whitburn, the good news is they are back and its a welcome return. Today it was a nice calm flat see and good light early on when i picked up on a family of Bottlenose Dolphins, 2 adults and a youngster feeding just to the north. Mark Newsome joined me this morning but sadly after the cetacean event, however he then proceeded to find his own with 5 distant Dolphins moving south with lots of splashing

Thursday 13th June 04.25-07.30 SW1-2 dead calm flat sea good light but later the sun did spoil things for a while

Sandwich Tern 10n 136s
Cormorant 10n 22s
Common Tern 4n 20s
Gannett 39n 11s
Red th Diver 7n 1s
Puffin 69n 11s
Dolphin 04.55 family party of 3 Bottlenose. The pod of 5 went north at 06.15
Common Scoter 149n 34s
Teal 2s
Greylag Goose 11s
Shelduck 1s
Bonxie 1n
Swift 7s
Arctic Tern 1n 2s
Eider 1s
Little Tern 1s
Canada Goose 20s

a really enjoyable sea watch with plenty of variety in good conditions
I left Mark in the Obs which is always dangerous