Saturday, 31 October 2015

Trick or treat.........

Pallid Swift and Great white Egret passed Whitburn Obs this pm. I had to cut short this mornings watch due to grandad duties and a fudge duck.I had no sign of the duck so when i finished my grandad taxi work decided to go back to the Obs for unfinished business, Was it going to be trick or treat. My obs list was on 163 and lots of birds were passing early on, i even saw another Bullfinch as i left the Obs, only my second ever, they are getting like buses. Conditions had deteriorated and little was passing over the sea when Magic Mark contacted me to say Kevin Duffy had reported a small swift in the area earlier.
So i looked inland instead and would you believe i picked up on 2 swifts feeding low down over the southern edge of Shearwater estate. I wasn't able to nail them on the views i had and soon lost them. I contacted Dave Foster who was looking for the reported Swift and it wasn't long before he confirmed one was defo a Pallid....get in
While scanning for the Swifts i noticed a white bird out of the corner of my eye drop into the overgrown pond by the viewing screen hm i thought Little Egret? but got on with Swift hunting.
I was chatting to Fos about the Swifts when i saw a Great White Egret flying straight toward me and told him it was coming his way as he was standing on the south side of the estate
2 Buzzards up over Whitburn rounded off a canny session

Red th Diver 3s
Common Scoter 3n
12.10 2 Swifts over Shearwater estate one at least confirmed as Pallid
12.35 Great White Egret south
13.00 ish 2 Common Buzzards over Whitburn village

Obs list now on 165 just 2 away from last years record 167.......that was a treat