Monday, 26 October 2015

SE or SW which is best....

Great northern Diver and 8 species of wildfowl passed Whitburn Obs in 4 hours this morning. Hoggie joined me eventually. In similar conditions to yesterday but with the wind SSE rather than SW a lot less birds passed and vis mig was non existent
This is what we saw in order of appearance

Monday 26th October 06.40-10.40 SSE 2-3 cloud cover

Common Gull 7n 39s
Black h Gull 5n 65s
Red th Diver 12n 4s
Eider 1n 1s
Wigeon 10n 55s
Common Scoter 32n 3s
Curlew 4n 2s
Goldeneye 1n 1s
Goosander 1n 4s
Sparrowhawk 1s
Teal 3n 12s
Great n Diver 1n
Mute Swan 2s yes Mute!
Shoveler 4s
Turnstone 1n
Grey Heron 1n
Bar t Godwit 1s
Kestrel 1s