Friday, 16 October 2015

Any Shrike will do......

16 Sooty Shearwaters and 4 Pom Skuas passed Whitburn Obs by 1pm. Magic Mark joined me for first light to make the most of the northerly, we had a good selection of birds. Eventually Unlucky Dave and Pink Floyd joined us and Dave lived up to his name by missing all of the Poms.We were discussing the good birds on the east coast south of us and agreed that on the Durham coast just now any Shrike would do ....
This is what we saw in order of appearance

Friday 16th October 07.00-13.00 NE2-3 cloud cover

Black h Gull 234n 10s
Common Gull 73n 21s
Teal 8n
Wigeon 36n 3s
Kestrel 1n
Dunlin 2n
Lapwing 24n
Manxie 5n
Red th Diver 8n 11s
Common Scoter 21n 11s
Sparrowhawk 1n
Eider 3n
Grey Wagtail 1s
Pintail 3n
Velvet Scoter 1n
Sooty Shearwater 16n
Little Gull 4n
Goldeneye 4n 2s
Short eared Owl 3s
Curlew 4n 1s
Peregrine 1n
Bonxie 4n 2s
Arctic Skua 2n 5s
Tufted Duck 3n
Fulmar 1n
Brent Goose 3n pb
Red br Merganser 3n
Pom Skua 4s ads
Gannet 376n