Thursday, 29 December 2016

Hazy Fantayzee.....

2 Great Northern Divers passed Whitburn Obs by 10.45 today on an otherwise quiet day. I nearly didnt bother today with the forcasted fog but the lure of the Obs....Conditions were very hazy in the below freezing temprature and bright sun. Best bird was a Pink foot that dropped onto the rocks near the Obs
I would like to thank everyone for all of the support and encouragement I have received it was much appreciated,  hence todays blog. Onwards and upwards as they say
Here is what i saw in order of appearance i have

Thursday 29th December 08.20-10.45 W1-2 cloud 0/8

Cormorant 1n 2s
Lapwing 42s
Common Gull 1n 27s
Black h Gull 2n 9s
Common Scoter 7n 2s
Eider 3s
Pink footed Goose 1s

Great Northern Diver 2n
Red th Diver 4n 3s
Fulmar 6n 2s
Scan Herring Gull 8s
Gannet 16n 3s
Turnstone 6s
Shag 1s