Friday, 14 October 2016

Full winter plumage......

2 Long-tailed, 3 Pom and 14 Great Skuas continued yesterday afternoons superb Skua passage. Its back to full winter plumage in the obs as it gets a bit nippy first thing , i wore thermals gloves and scarf. I was joined by Magic Mark and we went about finding a few winter warmers. The light wasn't as good as yesterday afternoon at times and the Skuas more distant but it was a damn good watch. Later in the watch birds began to move south with Redwing in numbers. Unusual was the movement of Jackdaw we don't see many in front of the Obs, some stopped off in the Obs field but eventually they all went south
This is what we saw in order of appearance

Friday 14th October 07.05-11.05 SE2-3 cloud 6/8
Common Gull 84n 16s
Black h Gull 20n 6s
Eider 4n 5s
Curlew 2n 1s
Shelduck 1s
Common Scoter 11n 61s
Bonxie 5n 9s
Wigeon 14n 23s
Pintail 3n 3s
Blue Fulmar 1n
Sandwich Tern 5s
Goldeneye 7s
Red th Diver 9n 6s
Sooty Shearwater 1n 3s
Arctic Skua 2n
Velvet Scoter 5n 1s
Long tailed Skua 2 juvs
Pom Skua 3n juvs
Little Gull 1s juv
Teal 3n 24s
Skylark 3s
Goosander 6s
Manxie 1n
Pochard 1s
Jackdaw 61s
Redwing 80s
Grey Wagtail 1s
Meadow Pipit 2n 8s
Brent Goose 1n db