Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Colour me Pink.......

Over 6000 Pink footed Geese went south past Whitburn Obs by 10.30 this morning. This is the highest ever count from the Obs, the change in weather broke the bottleneck. The morning started with good light but few birds and i was about to leave early as Hoggie and Walter arrived. As we looked through our scopes we began to see Pinks moving south with some large groups, they just kept coming and i have to say our final number was an underestimate. We had a quick look out the back of the obs at one point and saw 600 going south inland. It was a fantastic experience although only a few close skeins could be heard. Peter told me when after I left for my Hospital appointment they didn't have another one
The other event of the morning was a large Diver south. I called it as a Great northern but the views i got of its bill angle made me wonder, i could not see the colour well due to the light. I tweeted news in case anyone else further south got a better view

This is what we saw in order of appearance

Tuesday 18th October 07.15-10.30 W2 cloud 4/8

Cormorant 3n 46s (some were distant and not from our colony)
Brent Goose pb 2n 2s
Common Gull 2n 62
Black h Gull 13n 141s
Eider 4s
Red th Diver 2n 6s
Puffin 1n
Common Scoter 5n 15s
Turnstone 2s
Porpoise 1
Curlew 2n
Pink footed Goose 6550s
Great northern Diver 1s
Siskin 8s
Shag 3n 8s
Barnacle Goose 2n
Meadow Pipits 100 plus s