Saturday, 5 September 2015

After the horse has......

Long tailed Skua and 13 Sootys passed Whitburn Obs by 10.30 this morning. It was a full obs with people who had been at work all week hoping for some quality. It was a busy watch but sadly lacked a couple of special birds. Thanks to all the contributors
This is what we saw in order of appearance

Saturday 5th September 05.50-10.30 NNW 4 cloud cover heavy swell

Manx Shearwater 74n
Little Gull 4n 1s
Knot 44n
Arctic Tern 5n
Eider 2n 3s
Curlew 7n
Red th Diver 8n 3s
Sandwich Tern 26n 24s
Wigeon 150n
Pintail 14n
Common Scoter 7n 3s
Common Tern 28n
Sooty Shearwater 13n
Common Gull 4n 6s
Bonxie 8n
Mallard 2n
Oyster Catcher 28s
Puffin 2n
Arctic Skua 7n 9s
Black h Gull 18n
Teal 233n
Dunlin 5n
Ringed Plover 5n
Sanderling 3n
Turnstone 8n
Goldfinch 140n
Shag 4n 9s
Swallow 3n
Gannet 1871n
Long t Skua 1s juv
Tufted Duck 1n 1s
Redshank 17n
Shoveler 1n
Golden Plover 2n
Brent Goose 13n pb
Shelduck 3n
Fulmar 182n