Saturday, 5 September 2015

4 X 4 at Whitburn

Great, Balearic and 20 plus Sooty Shearwaters passed Whitburn Obs on my return from 14.45. When news came through of the Great Shea at Long Nab (thanks Nick) a few of us headed back. The East Coast Tour of the 2014 Fea's is on the Obs wall....Long Nab/Cowbar/Seaham
/Whitburn we were hoping for more of the same. And we were not disappointed as the bird went north at 28 mins past 5. It was a bit confusing as a couple of Manxies were called then a Balearic which most were trying to get on when Andrew Close called the Great amongst them. Everyone got on the bird as it passed under the big transporter ship, get in! making it a 4 Shearwater species day. Then Dave Foster called 8 Poms going south above the horizon, making it a 4 Skua species day
I don't have all the details of this afternoons watch but i did see 9 Bonxies north and 14 pale bellied Brents north
Back tomorrow for more