Friday, 25 July 2014

Waders in the mist...

2 Arctic Skuas and a Greenshank passed Whitburn Obs in the easrly morning mist. It was bins only, no scope required as the mist and fog refused to budge. Star wader from the 9 species i saw was Greenshank one went south, we only record half a dozen a year. The weather is not what the doctor ordered as its Airshow weekend and the National Whale and Dolphin Watch!
This is what i saw in order of appearance

Friday 25th July 05.05-07.05 N1-2 fog/mist

Curlew 1n 3s
Knot 4s
Black h Gull 14n 5s
Gannet 107n
Sandwich Tern 14n 137s
Oystercatcher 21n
Common Tern 4n 13s
Turnstone 3n 15s
Common Gull 3n 1s
Arctic Skua 2n
Dunlin 3s
Arctic Tern 2s
Redshank 5s
Greenshank 1s
Golden Plover 2n
Whimbrel 1s