Sunday, 15 June 2014

whats that coming over the hut is it a red throat, no its a black throat

Roseate Tern 3 Bonxies and 2 Arctic Skuas passed Whitburn obs in 5 hours this morning on a busy sea watch. I was joined by New Mark and Magic Mark with Hoggie and Walter much later. Conditions were excellent and with the northerly continuing we were looking forward to a good watch and were not disappointed. The sum plum Black th Diver was at first called as a Red throated when we only gave it a passing glance but Magic Mark thankfully was more carefull and we got good views of it
This is what we saw in order of appearance

Sunday 15th June 05.30-10.30 NNW 2 full cloud cover

Puffin 205n 36s
Sandwich Tern 23n 18s
Gannet 1367n 113s
Manxie 33n 2s
Common Scoter 228n 24s
Common Tern 24n 5s
Red br Merganser 6n
Common Gull 29n
LBBGull 1n
Curlew 21n
Arctic Skua 2n
Porpoise 2s
Swift 2n
Black h Gull 6n 1s
Arctic Tern 1s
Shag 1n
Bonxie 3n
Grasshopper Warbler 1 reeling
Shelduck 2n
Red th Diver 2n
Black th Diver 1n sum plum
Whimbrel 1s
Roseate Tern 1n 1st sum