Tuesday, 17 June 2014

now thats what i call a good sea watch vol 1

4 Bonxies and 2 Arctic Skuas passed Whitburn by 07.10 this morning. It was an enjoyable short sea watch this morning. The roar of the sea on a rising tide, a northerly with good light and lots of birds passing.
Sadly work didnt allow me to stay long, this is what i saw in order.............

Tuesday 17th June 04.55-07.00 NNW 2-3 full cloud cover

Bonxie 4n
Puffin 85n 1s
Gannet 1533n 32s
Curlew 12n
Common Gull 16n 1s
Manx Shearwater 8n
Common Scoter 5n 4s
Arctic Skua 2n
Black h Gull 4n
Sandwich Tern 2n 2s
Red th Diver 1n
Common Tern 8n
Whimbrel 1n
Tufted Duck 1n
Shag 1n