Sunday, 9 March 2014

wot no swans

2 Peregrines and a Med Gull flew south past Whitburn Obs early morning. Gone was the excitement of yesterdays Swan movement as were all the sea watchers. I did manage an Obs year tick with Canada Goose bringing my list to 76
This is what i saw in order of appearance

Sunday 9th March 06.20-09.30 S2-3 broken cloud

Cormorant 8n 25s
Shelduck 2s
Razorbill 13n 2s
Black h Gull 2n 47s
Gannet 5n 1s
Shag 5n
Common Gull 1n 6s
Guillemot 1n 5s
Pied Wagtail 1s
Canada Goose 1s
Eider 5s
Common Scoter 2n 2s
Kittiwake 2n 7s
Red th Diver 3n 2s
Teal 2s
Mallard 3n 4s
Sparrowhawk 1s
Peregrine 2s
Med Gull 1s ad
Curlew 5n
Porpoise 1s
Grey Heron 1s