Monday, 3 December 2018

They think it's all over.....

As recorder for Whitburn Obs @whitburnbirds produces a superb annual report along with other useful reports on highest passage of a species in a day month or year etc. He recently gave me an updated Whitburn Obs checklist that shows the total number of species seen since 2013 when I started my Obs list
It prompted me to analyse my 2018 list. The overall Obs list is on 183 for 2018, I have seen 175 an average year but poor for me I have missed more species this year than previously.
Here are the Whitburn Obs total species seen since 2013 with my year list total's last-

So what went wrong, what did I miss
Fea's/Desertas/etc etc (you can't tick it anyway and I'm not bitter at all)
Great Shearwater, I saw it from my caravan at Marsden but sadly not the Obs
Little Grebe, an Obs first I am not upset honest
Grey Phal
Hooded Crow, the Harper's made me pay for doing my BB survey on a Saturday with Jay and the Crow
Short-toed Lark, I saw it and called it as a Lark but didn't hear the call- jury is out
Redstart, on the path by the Obs but did not show for me drat

Birds not seen at all at Whitburn Obs this year include
No Partridge sp...
Jack Snipe
Black Guillemot
King Fisher
No Flycatcher sp

So it's not all over yet at least four of the above are still possible and why not a Bewicks or....