Sunday, 5 November 2017

Beanz meanz...year tick

 2 Little Auks, and 6 Tundra Bean Geese passed Whitburn Obs today by 10.30 continuing the recent little and large theme. Saint and Magic mark joined me for the last time for a few weeks as we all have holidays in November. Something was always going to happen when Stevie Makem and Chivs walked in and they didn't disappoint as talismans when i called the Lapland Bunting fly past. Two year ticks were out of the blue and kick started my Obs list for a final push, currently on 182, but last years 187 still seems a mountain to climb. Oh and Captain Chaos was in the house...
This is what we saw in order of appearance

Sunday 5th November 06.45-10.30 WNW1-2 4/8

Black h Gull 143n 43s
Cormorant 4n 20s
Common Gull 20n 33s
Common Scoter 9n 11s
Red th Diver 3n 16s
Guillemot 28n 12s
Wigeon 78n 3s
Med Gull 2n 4s (probably 3 diff birds )
Eider 13n 3s
Scan Herring Gull 1n 1s
Golden Plover 18n 32s
Curlew 29s
Gannet 40n 62s
Velvet Scoter 2s
Goosander 7s
Whooper Swan 23s
Great Northern Diver 1n
Shag 2s
Porpoise 1n
Redshank 13n 1s
Skylark 1s
Turnstone 2s
Bullfinch 1s
Little Gull 1s ad honest
Siskin 2s
Sanderling 3s
Grey Heron 2n
Little Auk 1n 1s
Lapland Bunting 1n
Tundra Bean Goose 6n
Teal 5n 3s