Monday, 8 May 2017

Feeling Rosy......

The first Roseate Tern of the year passed Whitburn Obs this morning. Magic Mark called it and I had a right job getting me on it with the big troughs on another northerly wind. I did find it eventually and got prolonged views of this fantastic bird as it got held up in the wind. Otherwise it was quiet compared to yesterday with no wave of Aythya Ducks, and it looks like more of the same tomorrow
This is what we saw in order of appearance

Monday 8th May 05.00-09.45 N4 8/8

Gannet 805n 7s
Fulmar 99n
Common Gull 125n
Sandwich Tern 29n 8s
Eider 2n 2s
Common Scoter 47n
Manx Shearwater 10n 1s
Puffin 17n
Red br Merganser 3n
Common Tern 18n
Red th Diver 1n 1s
Roseate Tern 1n
Turnstone 1n
Shelduck 2n
Bottlenose Dolphin 1n 08.20
Shag 1n
Grey Heron 1n