Sunday, 26 February 2017

two by two.....

2 Great Northern Divers and 2 Iceland Gulls were seen from Whitburn Obs this morning. Saint and Magic Mark joined me and it was a return to normal service as we saw some decent birds on our weekend watch which is how it should be. Great Northerns are back on the menu that's four in recent days. The strong winds yesterday meant that both doors were damaged and would not shut but man mountain Magic Mark managed to shut the damaged north door that none of us wimps could shift. Our landlords the National Trust are on the case with speedy repairs, thanks guys much appreciated
This is what we saw in order of appearance

Sunday 26th February 06.50-10.30 SW4 cloud 7/8

Eider 3n 3s
Common Gull 10n 24s
Gannet 22n 2s
Fulmar 40n
Guillemot 40s
Black h Gull 26n 33s
Turnstone 17s
Razorbill 19s
Cormorant 3n 19s
Kittiwake 9n 7s
Red th Diver 12n 3s
Iceland Gull 2n both juvs 07.35 and 08.40
Oyster Catcher 5n
Shag 7n 2s
Porpoise a pod of 6 went north and 3s
Shelduck 1n
Great Northern Diver 1n 1s
Goldeneye 1n
Common Scoter 2n 17s
Shoveler 2s