Friday, 27 January 2017

Everything's gonna be all white......

Iceland and Med Gull went south past Whitburn Obs by 10 o,clock this morning. Yes i jammed onto another two white wingers bringing my January total to 23!. That's 13 Glaucs, 4  Iceland and 6 Med Gulls and still two January watches left.
This is what i saw in order of appearance

Friday 27th January 07.40-10.00 SSW2-3 cloud 6/8

Common Gull 3n 64s
Black h Gull 2n 45s
Fulmar 4n 6s
Scan Herring Gull 6s
Kittiwake 1s
Cormorant 3n 9s
Guillemot 1n 36s
Common Scoter 4n 3s
Wigeon 2s
Med Gull 1s ad
Curlew 6n 1s
Golden Plover 45s
Red th Diver 2n 1s
Iceland Gull 1s juv 08.55
the video is from the bird on Cleadon Flash a few years ago

Eider 1s
Redshank 2n
Shag 1s