Sunday, 28 August 2016

It's raining birds hallelujah!.....

Long tailed and 32 Arctic Skuas, 9 Roseate and 3 Black Terns passed Whitburn Obs by 11.30 today. Add to that the Little Gulls Velvets and Grey Plover....phew. When Magic Mark called a Black Tern going north at the start of the watch we knew i would be a good one. The front row ended up packed and both Boy Wonder and Stevie Thunder were threatened with eviction for double calling. It never stopped raining but at least it was also raining birds...
This is what we saw in order of appearance

Sunday 28th August 05.50-11.30 NE2-3 cloud 8/8

Curlew 2n 3s
Teal 160n 65s
Common Gull 2n 4s
Black h Gull 6n 8s
Whimbrel 1n 1s
Black Tern 2n 1s
Wigeon 17n 1s
Shag 16n 16s
Common Tern 58n 160s
Tufted Duck 1s
Common Scoter 301n 14s
Grey Heron 1n
Arctic Skua 4n 28s
Arctic Tern 7n 22s
Sandwich Tern 14n 37s
LBBGull 1n
Red th Diver 1n 9s
Scan Herring Gull 1s
Roseate Tern 5n 4s
Velvet Scoter 2n
Grey Plover 2n
Dunlin 8n 4s
Manxie 28n 3s
Turnstone 2n
Golden Plover 1n
Puffin 1n
Sooty Shearwater 1n 2s
Shelduck 4n
Redshank 1s
Little Gull 2n 1s all juvs
Pintail 1s
Shoveler 1s
Ringed Plover 2n
Fulmar 56n
Long tailed Skua 1n juv
Knot 12s