Monday, 21 December 2015

I'm dreaming of a white wing xmas.......

2 Iceland and 2 Glaucous Gulls flew south past Whitburn Obs by 11am. It was a white out. Expectations were low as i trudged down to the obs in yet another south westerly. I was late and could see the big gulls steaming past, Stoney was in the house and i had missed nothing. It wasn't 10 minutes after i sat down that i called the first, an Iceland Gull probably a 2nd winter, after that it just got better. Looking back at the records the maximum day count of either Iceland or Glaucous Gull was only two, so we hung on till 11 but failed to break the records
This is what we saw in order of appearance

Monday 21st December 07.55-11.00 SW4-5

Gannet 23n 175s
Black h Gull 7n 21s
Common Scoter 9n 9s
Scan Herring Gull 7s
Kittiwake 1n 7s
Common Gull 11s
08.23 Iceland Gull 2nd w south
Eider 3n 3s
Red th Diver 6n 3s
Shag 3s
Turnstone 1s
Redshank 2s
Grey Heron 1s
Fulmar 3n 8s
08.40 Glaucous Gull juv south different smaller bird to the weekends Glauc
08.47 Iceland Gull adult south
Bonxie 1s
Golden Plover 167s
Velvet Scoter 1s
09.35 Glaucous Gull juv south larger bird that looked like the weekends bird
Wigeon 6n

Rob got pictures of both Glauc's but the Iceland Gulls were just too close in and had passed before we could react. We won't forget this watch for a while, and back on Boxing day for more.
Have a Merry Christmas everyone