Monday, 31 August 2015


1 Pom 5 Great and 13 Arctic Skuas passed Whitburn obs in 12 hours today. It was a full house with the obs manned all day and as i left Stevie Makem was starting the late late shift. MH, PHo, WM, CW,and DC had all contributed and we had a special guest in the lovely Maid Marian paying a visit from Notts, and Stoney was in the house
These are the totals for 12 hours today Monday 31st August in order of appearance, sort of

Black h Gull 80n 59s
Shag 21n 21s
Curlew 28n 1s
Whimbrel 1n
Common Gull 5n 7s
Sandwich Tern 41n 99s
Red th Diver 5n 2s
Common Scoter55n 6s
Teal 884n 84s
Little Gull 16n 20s
Redshank 55n 131s
Wigeon 107n
Common Tern 25n 33s
Arctic Skua 10n 3s
Sooty Shearwater 1n
Heron 4n
Purple Sandpiper 2n
Knot 25n 15s
Manxie 12n
Grey Wagtail 2s
Turnstone 18n 5s
Arctic Tern 9n 1s
Dunlin 10n 5s
Swallow 98n
Puffin 2n 1s
Bonxie 5n
Tufted Duck 2n
Ringed Plover 1n
Pintail 3n
Velvet Scoter 1n
Pom Skua 1n
Leucistic Fulmar 1s