Sunday, 21 December 2014

Do you feel lucky...........

A Little Auk went north past Whitburn Obs by 10.30 this morning. I was joined by Magic and Saint Mark on a slightly better day than yesterday but still few birds are moving. The Little Auk was feeling lucky, it was hotly pursued by Great black backed Gulls and dumped onto the sea and dived just in time to avoid being breakfast. Hoggie and Walter joined us late on but they were a day late for the Glauc they craved
This is what we saw in order of appearance

Sunday 21st December 07.45-10.30 SW2-3

Eider 3s
Common Gull 27s
Scan Herring Gull 6s
Common Scoter 15n 3s
Black h Gull 2n 1s
Cormorant 3n 2s
Guillimot 10n 33s
Gannet 3n 1s
Golden Plover 60s
Goldeneye 3n
Red th Diver 3n 1s
Shag 1n
Curlew 1s
Little Auk 1n phew....
Mallard 2s
Teal 5n