Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Red necked grebe first for the year at Whitburn

A Red necked Grebe went north past Whitburn at 6.05 this morning our first for the year bringing my obs list to 125 for the year. I was joined by Magic Mark who called the bird in difficult light, well done Mark. I had to leave for work at 07.30 and left Mark watching. It was a busy couple of hours and this is what we saw in order of appearance

Tuesday 13th May 05.10-07.30 NNW2 cloud cover at first then bright sun

Eider 7n
Sandwich Tern 4n 221s
Gannet 288n 5s
Common Tern 60n 12s
Common Scoter 112n 5s
Puffin 33n
Red th Diver 3s
Turnstone 9n
Dunlin 34n
Arctic Tern 2n 1s
Swallow 2n
Whimbrel 6n
Manx Shearwater 3n
Goosander 1n
Red necked Grebe 1n 06.05
Tufty 5n
Shag 1n
Sanderling 11n