Friday, 13 December 2013

unlucky for some ?......

A Black throated Diver and 42 Red throated Divers passed Whitburn in 3 hours this morning. Friday the 13th in December is probably not the best day for a sea watch but luckily for me i managed to connect with a movement of Divers, otherwise it was dire
Here is what i saw in order of  appearance

Friday 13th December 07.50-10.50 S2-3 mainly with cloud cover

Cormorant 8s
Black h Gull 1n 6s
Guillemot 4n 6s
Red th Diver 10n 32s including "flocks" of 9 and 10
Common Scoter 2n 3s
Kittiwake 8n 5s
Scan Herring Gull 3s
Fulmar 2n 3s
Gannet 1n 1s
Black th Diver 1n
Wigeon 1n
Mallard 2n
Eider 2s
Pink footed Goose 1 in the Obs field