Saturday, 12 October 2013

whats that going over the it a leach's

3 Poms, only 92 Bonxies and a Leach's Petrel passed Whitburn Obs today as well as another host of birds. Not as many in the Obs today (thank god) i was joined by Stevie thunder new Mark along with Steve Chinery (what twice in a year), Foghorn was back along with the main man MM also drunken duncan and stewie and guess what the doc was in the house!
Not the fantastic numbers of birds today either but still a cracking sea watch, here's what we saw sort of in order of appearance

Saturday 12th October 07.00-16.00 NE 3 cloud cover and drizzle

Common Scoter 445n 69s
Wigeon 99n 52s
Red th Diver 37n 2s
Fulmar 33n
Lapwing 17n
Black h Gull 24n 18s
Eider 10n 4s
Common Gull 7n
Bonxie 92n
Velvet Scoter 19n 1s
Sparrowhawk 1n
Great n Diver 1n
Purple Sandpiper 2n
Teal 25n
Arctic Skua 4n 1s
Black th Diver 5n
Cormorant 2n 6s
Mallard 1n 2s
Leach's Petrel 1s 08.45
Shag 4n 90s
Goldeneye 8n
Red br Merganser 5n 2s
Grey Plover 1n
Long t Duck 3n
Sanderling 6n
Pochard 1n
Sooty Shearwater 5n
Knot 1n
Pintail 1n
Pom Skua 3n
Bar t Godwit 1n
Grey Heron 3n
Dunlin 4n
Tufted Duck 1n
Sandwich Tern 2n
Brent Goose db 2n
Kestrel 1n